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As the cost of healthcare in developed countries keeps elevating, more and more people are travelling overseas to receive medical treatment that's lighter on their pocket. ‘Medical Tourism’ is becoming more and more widespread, with patients travelling to save money on treatment costs or to combine surgery with a holiday package.

Before getting treated abroad, it’s important to have access to information about clinics, hospitals, and specialists in rest of the world that are currently attracting patients. For popular destinations, Aquatic provides information covering the healthcare services available, surgeon accreditation, treatment costs and travel and accommodation cost and details.
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India has always been a global tourist attraction. People throughout the year visit India to enjoy their vacation. Recent studies indicate a steady growth in the Indian travel and tourism industry and the credit goes to medical tourism.

A simple math equation can explain that any medical treatment package price in India is 35% to 40% lesser than the treatment costs in USA or Thailand. An added advantage is that India has one of the largest pharmaceutical industries in the world. It is self-sufficient in drug production and exports drugs to more than 180 countries. Not to mention, Indian medical specialists are renowned around the world.

The private Pharma sector, which was very modest in its early stages, has now become a flourishing industry well equipped with the most modern state-of- the-art technology at its disposal. It is estimated that an approx 75-80 per cent of healthcare services and investments in India are now coming through the private sector.

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